Death related support

sa . ta . na . ma

birth . life . death . rebirth.
The circle of life

I offer counselling and energy healing around the subject of death and grieving. I draw on my training as a qualified death doula and shamanic healer and my experience of death and grief in doula work and time spent with people in famine areas and refugee camps.

Modern society has largely forgotten how to “do death”. We push it away, hoping somehow it won’t touch us. Our loved ones are rushed off to the funeral director’s hands and, after a few weeks, friends start asking if you’re “alright now”. As though you were getting over a cold, not readjusting your whole world.

It can help to talk through the deaths you have experienced or how you feel about your own death, in a safe accepting space. There is no right or wrong way to deal with death. But facing it is a start.

Catherine Shovlin

End-of-life support – one on one sessions to deal with issues around dying, death and grief. Including coming to terms with death, End-of-life planning, dealing with bereavement

Shamanic soul release – to help those who have died to move on, even if they ended their life on earth a long time ago. This may be someone close to you, or an unwelcome presence you sense in your home.

Sacred Death training – experiential group training to examine your relationship with death. See training page for more info. Sacred Death book out soon!

Death cafes – holding safe space for a facilitated group discussion to give everyone a chance to say and ask everything they never dared to raise before about death. Or maybe they raised before and nobody wanted to listen.

All can generally be in person or over zoom. US$50 per hour.

Contact to arrange.