What is Shamanic Healing?


Shamanic healing works on an energetic level. It assumes we are all part of a field, that includes all people, all of nature, time past, time future and beings in other realms (spirits etc). 

It considers that as we go through the life we have chosen as humans this time round, we may bring baggage from previous lives, and accumulate more knocks and gifts along the way. Shamanic healing seeks to restore us.


Sometimes unprocessed soul loss can occur eg from an accident, or tragedy. Anything that causes trauma. In cultures where shamans are normal and accepted (ie not the so-called civilised west 🙂 ) these events would be treated quickly by the shaman and cause less harm. In our culture it is more common to stuff our feelings down, or be confused by them, leaving the residue stuck in our physical and energetic body, manifesting sometimes as ailments and sometimes as emotional challenges such as depression or anxiety. 

Additionally soul loss can occur when we deliberately give away a piece of ourselves to another (it feels like an act of love and commitment, and is encouraged by popular storytelling genres, but actually serves nobody) or we may take a piece of another person. 

Shamans believe that to live in peace, and die well, we need to sort out these entanglements with others’ souls, as well as recovering any lost soul parts so we can regain our own sovereignty. 

I work with clients looking for this return to wholeness. Sometimes because they are grieving (death of a person or death of a relationship / dream / job / home etc). Sometimes because they just feel off-centre or like they have lost their mojo. 


Usually one 60-90min session is enough. I work either with the person in front of me or remotely. It doesn’t seem to affect the way the session goes if we are physically together or not. this is especially helpful if the person i will work with is already deceased. In either case we would both know when the session is going to take place and all the client is required to do is lie on a mat on the floor in a place where they won’t be disturbed or observed during the session. There is no physical contact. 

I will start by meditating to enter a trance state, call on my spirit guides and follow their guidance as to the most useful things to be done. I usually play shamanic music and may sing / vocalise / use a rattle. 
At the end of the session I will share what has happened during the journey. I encourage clients to record that part so they can listen at their leisure. 

I charge £75 for a session up to 90 minutes. Travel outside of London Zone 2 added at cost plus £25 per hour travel time. Or clients can come to me (London SE4).

In Bali, charge is IDR900k for a session at Infiniti in Ubud or plus IDR300k per hour if I travel to your location.

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