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Catherine is a qualified death doula (end of life companion) and shamanic healer. She has experience in soul retrieval, being with dying and death rituals.

The circle of life and death

Modern society has packed death away out of sight. Talking about your experiences of death, or your feelings about it, is seen as morbid.

That’s not good for any of us.

I offer support services for the dying, for those around them and for those of us who want to feel more prepared for death.

sa.ta.na.ma services

Shamanic soul release


Practical advice

Death cafes

Relevant Experience

End of Life Doula training
(2017 – 2019)
Deep work with Living Well Dying Well to become a qualified doula

Hospice support
Supporting patients and their families as they approach their last days

Death Support
Sitting with the dying and helping them through final days

After Death Support
Helping the soul of the deceased release and move on