Death and grief

Catherine is a qualified death doula (end of life companion) and shamanic healer. She has experience in soul retrieval, being with dying and death rituals.

The circle of life and death

Modern society has packed death away out of sight. Talking about your experiences of death, or your feelings about it, is seen as morbid.

That’s not good for any of us.

I offer support services for the dying, for those around them and for those of us who want to feel more prepared for death or learn to live with grief. I am also in the final stages of preparing my book Sacred Death for publication.

These are some of the way you can access my work to help you find your way through the maze surrounding death and grief.

Sacred Death training program. See more info here

Counselling – one on one session in person or online to deal with issues around death and grief. See more info here

Death cafes: occasional events for all to explore death. See more here

Shamanic soul release – for those who have died, even a long time ago. Can be in person or over zoom. See more info here

Relevant Experience

End of Life Doula training
Deep work over two years (2017-2019) with Living Well Dying Well to become a qualified End-of-Life Doula. Founder member of End of Life Doula UK professional organisation.

Counselling Training
Certificate in Counselling Skills with Mary Ward Centre.

Shamanic Training
With Sacred Trust Foundation – journeying, soul retrieval and psychopomp

Death Support
Sitting with the dying and helping them through final days at home, in hospital or in hospice setting

After Death Support
Helping the soul of the deceased release and move on