Live Life in Full Color is now available on Amazon.

The following companion videos are available either to watch along with the book or independently. They demonstrate a few yoga moves for each chakra. Scroll down for the full series

Chakra Awareness : a guided meditation to become aware of and develop appreciation for your chakras<

Root chakra : our foundation. Source of strength and vitality

Sacral chakra : our life source, the generative source of our appetites

Solar plexus chakra : our guts, our courage, our source of strength. The fire in our belly.

Heart chakra : our centre of peacefulness, generosity and a sense of abundance. Let’s open our hearts.

Throat chakra : the all important connection between our heart and our mind. Your opportunity to speak your truth

Third Eye chakra : where we envision all that we can be. Try these movement and breathing exercises to sharpen your vision.

Crown chakra : our connection to the universe, to our human unity, Relax and open to all that is beyond the life we know here on earth.

Integration : The 5 Tibetan Rites work with all 7 of our chakras to integrate and balance our whole being.

Chakra Activation : a short breathwork sequence to balance and tune up all of your chakras so you can live life in full color