Peaceful Warrior Course

An in-person experiential course in shamanic techniques for young people interested in developing their personal power

Led by Catherine Shovlin, shamanic practitioner

The course is available on demand. Min 4 participants per location.

Catherine studied shamanism first with Gill Edwards in 1994 and with various teachers since then, including the Sacred Trust most recently (2019). She uses shamanic techniques for healing, soul retrieval, helping the dead pass peacefully, resolving unwelcome spirits and supporting revitalisation.

The techniques selected for this course will be safe and practical. Giving the participants a clear grounding in topics such as:

  • understand where you are losing power
  • deal with fear and awkwardness
  • develop equanimity
  • find your creative expression
  • connect to your true self
  • develop a sense of your soul journey

Sacred Death Training

If you are interested in joining me for the next Sacred Death course (April 2024) then do please get in touch ( This course is designed for anyone who has a personal or professional interest in understanding death and how we live with it.

Do you find yourself at odds with family and old friends in your attitudes to death? Or maybe the thought terrifies you and you are ready to understand why and shift that feeling. Maybe you are currently grieving and confused by the process.

We will discuss aspects of death and how we can support ourselves and others experiencing this important event.

This courses take place in person with a small group in Bali (at Infiniti, Jl Penestanan, Ubud). It is strongly recommended that you commit to attend all six sessions as this is a learning journey that we will take together.

Here are some comments from previous participants:

“Catherine creates a space where we can explore and discover on an individual and group level. It’s wonderful to opportunity to have conversations and share perspectives around topics that are often not spoken about. Catherine is a magnificent guide, sharing from her experiences and leading the group with her calm and charismatic presence. I recommend this experience to anybody who is resonating with it at a given time in their lives. ” Karin

“I recommend everyone to learn how to deal with death. Interestingly enough, in every session the course taught me a lot about life.” Sanne

“This course make me at peace with death” Cuaca

“I loved every minute” Katherine



  1. Introduction – our own views and experiences, of death and grief. The art of Compassionate Presence.
  2. Our own death – coming to terms with it, designing a meaningful death that meets our needs, creating an Advanced Plan
  3. Death and Society – different cultural approaches and taboos around death and grief. Comparison of Western approach with Balinese views. Controversial deaths.
  4. Death and family dynamics – death stories, a person-centred approach, holding space. Secrets, lies, scandals and heartache
  5. Working with death – physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of death and caring for the dying
  6. Integration and Application – including sharing the Shamanic practices I use before and after death


Sessions of three hours in a small group using a combination of talking circles, pair work, practical exercises and sharing information. There will be a reading list provided during the course with some research or reflection work to complete between classes. We draw on my book Sacred Death (available on your country’s amazon – here are some of the most common ones,,

The next course will be in person, in Ubud Bali. Sessions are 3 hours each. It is important to commit to attending the whole course as it is designed as a journey.

2024 dates: April 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, May 2. contact to reserve your spot

The six sessions are usually offered as six weekly sessions, leaving plenty of time between each session to emotionally process the work we are covering. However if, for example, your group is travelling from overseas, then I can also offer as Tues, Wed, Thurs one week and the same the following week. Just get in touch to discuss (


There is no specialist experience needed. Much more important is your attitude to the topic, your own relationship with death and your ability to work well within the group and follow the shared agreement we will draw up together around safe space, confidentiality etc. I reserve the right to suggest further personal development is needed before joining the course.


When a course is posted here as already set up, the cost to participate is 3.5 mill IDR per person (£180, US$230, A$350, Euro215)

If you would like to create a course for your group then that can also be arranged. The cost for an on demand course is 20 mill IDR plus travel cost if outside Ubud and includes two free places. Up to 8 additional participants are welcome @ 3 mill IDR per person (£155, US$190, A$300, Euro175).

Two scholarship places are available on each course to local individuals showing special aptitude and interest but without the means to pay. Please email me at if you wish to be considered.

Bali Death Cafe

Death Cafes are held all over the world. A moment in space and time to reflect on death in a safe and open-minded space.

How we feel about it, our personal experiences, our hopes and fears.

I am a trained Death Doula (death companion) and Shamanic energy worker. I run these events to create a safe space for us to speak freely, without taboos or awkwardness, about a sacred – and maybe terrifying for you – moment that all of us will face one day. Or to share openly our experiences of others dying and how we really felt, not how we thought we were supposed to feel.

Next events:

Ubud, 3-5pm, Sunday Oct 18

Canggu, 1-3pm, Friday Oct 30

Just come with your heart and soul. Suggested contribution of 100k Rp will go to community projects. For more info contact

As prep you might be interested in this meditation to develop our relationship with both life and death. 

Deep Relaxation Sundays (yoga nidra / yogic sleep)

This is a relaxation practice that requires you to lie on your back on the floor (like you do at the end of a yoga class), as comfortably as possible – use several cushions and a duvet or blanket – to create yourself a cosy space. As you lie there I will guide you through your Yoga Nidra session.

Benefits reported by those participating in Yoga Nidra include

  • relief from physical or mental pain
  • increased creativity
  • improved ability to rest the mind, less frenetic mental activity
  • a sense of coming home to your true self
  • increased self-empowerment
  • peace, contentment, bliss

In this one hour weekly class there will be time to ask questions and raise any concerns as well as to experience a Yoga Nidra session. You can attend a single class, and you may find it more beneficial to have a regular attendance.

If you cannot make the time of the live session, you can order a recording and listen in your own time. You may also want to do both.

Tickets available from Eventbrite