Your Color Code

Many of us tend to undervalue ourselves. To make unfavourable comparisons with others in the room / our lives / the media. If only we were smarter, older, younger, more creative, more numerate, more articulate… sound familiar?

So the idea of discovering your Color Code is to have a visual reminder of who you are and why you are uniquely valuable. Your job isn’t to be someone else, it’s to be you.

I will do a 2 hour interview (in person or via zoom) and then use the information I gather from that, along with energy work that I can do remotely with your permission (no action required from you), to identify the 3 colors that represent your greatest strengths – and what the combination means.

In the report you receive I will give you examples of the three colors as well as RGB references in case you want to use them in your personal branding.

Here are some of the responses I have had from clients

“This is great, thank you so much! It brought tears to my eyes on a couple of occasions.”

“I’ve been returning to your colours reading which is extraordinarily helpful and is speaking to my unconscious. Thank you so much for your very sensitive reading.”

“Catherine was able to distill the real essence of me (behind the colour masks I wear), and guide me towards the choices that would allow me to really shine.”

“Catherine is able to really listen and read between the lines without making assumptions or judgements. “

“The report I received from Catherine was stunningly accurate, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have referred to it every single day since I received it.  It’s worth more than its weight in gold.”

If this sounds like something you would like to experience this for yourself, then contact me on to arrange your appointment.

The cost for this service is $999. COVID update. Reduced to $499!!


I trained with color psychology guru, Angela Wright, 15 years ago and have applied my knowledge and experience in numerous personal, spaces and branding applications since then.

My first book on color “Your True Colors” has helped many people develop their Color Sense and power up their well being.

I studied with Feminine Power for three years and am a certified Transformational Leader.

I have worked with hundreds of women from CEOs to refugees to help them identify their strengths and improve their lives and business performance.

I am a trained energy healer, using reiki, channelling and guided journeys to untap our unconscious wisdom.

Help my wisdom connect you to yours.

Contact me on to arrange your appointment.

The cost for this service is $999. COVID update. Reduced to $499!!

Your True Colors

Color affects us whether we like it or not. So understanding the different impacts, not just of say red versus blue, but that dark blue versus that mid blue or even that pure navy versus the one with a slight greenish hue.

This introductory guide will show you how color affects all of us (whether we are interested in color or color blind) and how you can tune up your choices and step into your power for your brand, environment or wardrobe. choices.

Live Life in Full Color

Ever wondered what chakras are and how they might affect you?

Not feeling completely your best and wondering what to do?

This easy to read guide and accompanying videos will give you the inside track to getting your chakras running well. Want to feel healthier, more clear-headed, more loving, more creative… ? Choose the section that helps you most, or work your way through the book.

Includes ways to identify which of your chakras could use a little help and then offers simple yoga exercises, meditations, suggestions of helpful activities and foods to eat.

Bali Death Cafe

Death Cafes are held all over the world. A moment in space and time to reflect on death in a safe and open-minded space.

How we feel about it, our personal experiences, our hopes and fears.

I am a trained Death Doula (death companion) and Shamanic energy worker. I run these events to create a safe space for us to speak freely, without taboos or awkwardness, about a sacred – and maybe terrifying for you – moment that all of us will face one day. Or to share openly our experiences of others dying and how we really felt, not how we thought we were supposed to feel.

Next events:

Ubud, 3-5pm, Sunday Oct 18

Canggu, 1-3pm, Friday Oct 30

Just come with your heart and soul. Suggested contribution of 100k Rp will go to community projects. For more info contact

As prep you might be interested in this meditation to develop our relationship with both life and death. 

Deep Relaxation Sundays (yoga nidra / yogic sleep)

This is a relaxation practice that requires you to lie on your back on the floor (like you do at the end of a yoga class), as comfortably as possible – use several cushions and a duvet or blanket – to create yourself a cosy space. As you lie there I will guide you through your Yoga Nidra session.

Benefits reported by those participating in Yoga Nidra include

  • relief from physical or mental pain
  • increased creativity
  • improved ability to rest the mind, less frenetic mental activity
  • a sense of coming home to your true self
  • increased self-empowerment
  • peace, contentment, bliss

In this one hour weekly class there will be time to ask questions and raise any concerns as well as to experience a Yoga Nidra session. You can attend a single class, and you may find it more beneficial to have a regular attendance.

If you cannot make the time of the live session, you can order a recording and listen in your own time. You may also want to do both.

Tickets available from Eventbrite


Live Life in Full Color is now available on Amazon.

The following companion videos are available either to watch along with the book or independently. They demonstrate a few yoga moves for each chakra. Scroll down for the full series

Chakra Awareness : a guided meditation to become aware of and develop appreciation for your chakras<

Root chakra : our foundation. Source of strength and vitality

Sacral chakra : our life source, the generative source of our appetites

Solar plexus chakra : our guts, our courage, our source of strength. The fire in our belly.

Heart chakra : our centre of peacefulness, generosity and a sense of abundance. Let’s open our hearts.

Throat chakra : the all important connection between our heart and our mind. Your opportunity to speak your truth

Third Eye chakra : where we envision all that we can be. Try these movement and breathing exercises to sharpen your vision.

Crown chakra : our connection to the universe, to our human unity, Relax and open to all that is beyond the life we know here on earth.

Integration : The 5 Tibetan Rites work with all 7 of our chakras to integrate and balance our whole being.

Chakra Activation : a short breathwork sequence to balance and tune up all of your chakras so you can live life in full color

FreeTreat 2020


A 21 day experience, freely available, just for you.

Being surrounded by uncertainty and fear can start to affect us, generating stress in the body that doesn’t help us cope or feel better – and can cause both physical and mental health problems.

We may be stuck with the corona virus – but we still have a choice over how we react and how we feel.

See if these daily short videos (ten minutes) which include relaxation techniques, some simple movements, and reflections help.

Click on the link each day to join the journey or follow my channel and do please share your reflections in the YouTube comments


Desert Winds Retreat

A one off special retreat into the Berber lands of the Saharan desert.

Travel with our local guide as he shows us the land of his origins south east of Essaouira, towards Mali and Algeria. Learn about the Berber way of life as your mind expands with the vast landscape and infinite starlit skies. Wide open space for wide open inspiration.

Camels and campfires, peace and expansion.

More info coming soon.

2020 Dates: Oct 20-24

2019-01-01 17.36.03.jpg

Re: Treat

Some days it just all feels a bit much. The job, the kids, the post, the traffic. Yet another meal to think about. Or another thing to fix. Another deadline to worry about.Or maybe you’ve just come through a hectic period and want to reset.


You can restore

Our Re:Treat is designed for you to treat yourself. To peace, to space, to fresh air, to fresh vegetarian food. A light sprinkling of yoga and mindfulness activities. No pressure.

Step back in time in the medieval medina to a world without cars or neon signs. Without chain stores. Without fast food. A world of human connection and blue skies and endless wild beaches.

We will hold the space for you. Create room for your true self to re-emerge. Your head to clear. Your heart to open.

Join us and feel the breeze gently blow away the stresses and strains of every day life. Max group size 6.

What’s included

  • Accommodation (in shared room or pay extra for single room)
  • Breakfast and evening meal (vegetarian)
  • Morning yoga and meditation class
  • Evening yoga and meditation class

What’s not included

  • Transport to the retreat
  • Lunch
  • A busy daily schedule of activities… this is YOUR time to get back to yourself. Feel free to lounge on the terrace with a book, ask for advice about local cafes or shopping, learn to kite surf, paint a picture, write a poem…

Optional extras

  • 90 minute energy healing session
  • Accompanied trip to local hammam (women only steam room, body scrub etc)

2020 Dates

  • Jan 21-25
  • Feb 4-8
  • Apr 28 – May 2
  • Oct 6-10

What to expect

Morning light in Essaouira filters through the shutters of your spacious, comfortable room. Usually sunny. Can you hear the town starting to come to life? The barrows rumbling along the car-free alleys? The seagulls circling the returning fishing boats down at the harbour? The call to prayer? A child laughing?

Hold on to that magical sense of possibility as you slip on some comfy clothes and join us in the yoga room. A moment of peace. We will meditate and enjoy some gentle yoga to wake up our bodies and calm our minds. Don’t worry if you are new to yoga, I will explain everything and the emphasis is on YOU and what your body needs.

After time for a shower and getting dressed we will meet downstairs for freshly squeezed orange juice and breakfast. I am happy to answer any questions and help where I can – basically the time is yours. To grow, to unwind, to create… go where your heart takes you.

Later we will gather for early evening supper (unless you want to try one of the local restaurants – just let me know)  and, at around 9pm our end of day yoga and meditation.

Here’s what previous visitors have had to say

I haven’t slept this well for over a year

I haven’t felt so calm and – well – normal! for ages

I feel like I’ve been here for weeks. I feel completely at home