Why Ubud?

I first came to Bali in 2014 with my younger daughter. We have travelled extensively but this was the first place I ever heard myself say “For the next two weeks let’s live our perfect life” . I went home from that trip and stuck a picture of a Bali villa on my office wall to remind me that one day this would be my life for much longer than two weeks.

I found that picture in 2021 when I was clearing out my office because I was halfway through building my home in Bali and planning to spend at least half my time there. It made me smile. I’d forgotten my 7 year old promise to myself – but clearly my subconscious, and Bali, had not.

Ubud means healing and I am in a continuing journey of self discovery here. Peeling off the layers of (so called) civilisation and getting closer and closer to my authentic self. That has been uncomfortable at times – growing pains! – and joyful at others. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.

Things happen here. Insights are shared, breakthroughs unfold. There are some amazing healers I can introduce you to (and some I’d avoid). I love the people, the jungle, living in nature and not in the media.

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