Re: Treat

Some days it just all feels a bit much. The job, the kids, the post, the traffic. Yet another meal to think about. Or another thing to fix. Another deadline to worry about.Or maybe you’ve just come through a hectic period and want to reset.


You can restore

Our Re:Treat is designed for you to treat yourself. To peace, to space, to fresh air, to fresh vegetarian food. A light sprinkling of yoga and mindfulness activities. No pressure.

Step back in time in the medieval medina to a world without cars or neon signs. Without chain stores. Without fast food. A world of human connection and blue skies and endless wild beaches.

We will hold the space for you. Create room for your true self to re-emerge. Your head to clear. Your heart to open.

Join us and feel the breeze gently blow away the stresses and strains of every day life. Max group size 6.

What’s included

  • Accommodation (in shared room or pay extra for single room)
  • Breakfast and evening meal (vegetarian)
  • Morning yoga and meditation class
  • Evening yoga and meditation class

What’s not included

  • Transport to the retreat
  • Lunch
  • A busy daily schedule of activities… this is YOUR time to get back to yourself. Feel free to lounge on the terrace with a book, ask for advice about local cafes or shopping, learn to kite surf, paint a picture, write a poem…

Optional extras

  • 90 minute energy healing session
  • Accompanied trip to local hammam (women only steam room, body scrub etc)

2020 Dates

  • Jan 21-25
  • Feb 4-8
  • Apr 28 – May 2
  • Oct 6-10

What to expect

Morning light in Essaouira filters through the shutters of your spacious, comfortable room. Usually sunny. Can you hear the town starting to come to life? The barrows rumbling along the car-free alleys? The seagulls circling the returning fishing boats down at the harbour? The call to prayer? A child laughing?

Hold on to that magical sense of possibility as you slip on some comfy clothes and join us in the yoga room. A moment of peace. We will meditate and enjoy some gentle yoga to wake up our bodies and calm our minds. Don’t worry if you are new to yoga, I will explain everything and the emphasis is on YOU and what your body needs.

After time for a shower and getting dressed we will meet downstairs for freshly squeezed orange juice and breakfast. I am happy to answer any questions and help where I can – basically the time is yours. To grow, to unwind, to create… go where your heart takes you.

Later we will gather for early evening supper (unless you want to try one of the local restaurants – just let me know)  and, at around 9pm our end of day yoga and meditation.

Here’s what previous visitors have had to say

I haven’t slept this well for over a year

I haven’t felt so calm and – well – normal! for ages

I feel like I’ve been here for weeks. I feel completely at home

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