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In Western society, we have developed a strange attitude to death. You may be one of the people questioning it. In a world where natural ageing is seen as a kind of weakness, to die can be treated like the ultimate failure. As this research shows, most of us don’t like to talk about death and only a handful have thought about how they would choose their own death to be. In London for example, more than half of people die in hospital even though most of us say we would prefer a home death (only achieved by about 15% of those dying at age 85 or more).

Those who dare to explore the idea of death – yes even their own – discover rich rewards. From my own experience, I know that the thought journeys I have taken as part of my death doula training (with pioneering organisation Living Well Dying Well) have been a significant factor in life choices I am now making. By understanding and accepting our mortality we tap into an appetite for life that can lead us to review our priorities and make some fundamental changes.

I am lucky enough not to be suffering from an illness. I am fit and healthy from a family of long living women. I fully expect my own death to be some way off,  though of course none of us knows for sure. Maybe you are the same, or maybe you have reasons for more cautious predictions. Maybe you are caring for an elderly relative or dying friend. Or grieving for somebody you have lost.

Whether your motivation is living your own life the way you want to, or coming to terms with death, I hope you will enjoy me on our 4 day journey into the wonderful world of death and life. It will be a joyous one, a touching one and may just change your life as much as it changed mine. 

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What to expect

This 4 day retreat will take place at our Winds of Discovery retreat centre in Essaouira, Morocco. Where even in winter there is an average of 6-7 hours of sunshine a day. In the protected space of the centre we will have privacy and calm to explore our deepest hopes and fears. I will guide you through a series of activities, with plenty of time for reflection, resting and sharing. We will begin and end each day with 30 minutes of reflective breathing, meditation and gentle yoga poses (no prior experience required).

What is included
  • activities 9am – 5pm each day including an outing to the wild beaches and ancient argan tree forests south of Essaouira and a visit to the local hammam (optional)
  • vegetarian breakfast and lunch
  • welcome dinner on first evening
  • water, tea, coffee



What is not included
  • overnight accommodation (there is plenty of great accommodation available on airbnb, plus hotels. I recommend choosing somewhere in the medina so it is easy for you to walk back and forth)
  • travel to Essaouira
  • evening meals
2020 Dates for Inspire Expire Retreat
  • Nov 17-21

The cost for the first evening plus 4 days is £750 per person

Book below! Only 8 spaces per retreat.


Inspire Expire Retreat

A 4 night retreat in Essaouira, Morocco using an honest look at our death to enhance our life


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