You’re Home

Your life has been successful. People maybe envy your job, your skills, your home, your lifestyle. And yet… it seems like there might be more. You still have a hunger for growth, for discovery.

You feel you could contribute more. Be more. Love your life more. Feel more ease. But how?

Here at Winds of Discovery, I work with people like you. Coming together in this special space to consider, to refresh, to grow, to breathe, to walk through walls.

It’s about change… looking deep into your core …reflecting, discarding, growing…casting yourself to the wind. Maybe a soul retrieval session would help understand what is holding you back. Or joining a workshop or course.

And for the ultimate change… see for my death related work.


All books are available on amazon / kindle or direct from the author

  • Your True Colors – understand the power of color psychology and how it can enhance your wellbeing
  • Live Life in Full Color – understanding chakras and what they tell us about how our life is going. Including healing actions, yoga sequences and recipes. Click here for companion videos for Live Life in Full Color
  • Walking through Walls – a way through the barriers in society, the workplace and our own hearts in order to freely live a fuller, fairer life.